Reviews for "Punch Tom Out"

wow dude

i found a way to win easly just hold shift and enter down and you win

poxpower responds:

damn I'll have to look into that :o
Never happened to me while testing it though.

Sickengly original concept.

You have officially made the first game I played this year with original use of the keyboard. Definitely great concept for a boxing game.

The art is very well done. I admire how well you used vectors and images without making them clash in a bad way. The animations were smooth and overall its great.

The music, well not much I can say. Its a great choice of music and it sounds good.

As for the gameplay, well if it got me playing for about 30 minutes I think this means it was addicting and had a good replay value. If it wasn't for the different use of the keyboard, rather than those generic controls, I porbably wouldn't have played as long as I did.

I give you an 8 because its not perfect, but it still has a good amount of awesomeness.

Congratulations on making a sucessful game ! :]

poxpower responds:

Thanks :P
You're officially the first person to not bitch because the controls are different.

Just too friggin' hard

It's damn hard even on easy and it's pretty sucky that nothing shows nor on the left nor on Tom that it's "bolt time". I lost a lot of health 'cause of that. But besides these good game.

Damnit Tom...

Maybe now he'll make pico 2...

poxpower responds:

It's a secret that you can unlock in my game if you vote 5 on it every day.
For about a month.


Love the artwork and anim, controls are a little wonky but can be gotten used to, but man, fuck those castle crashers. At least Alien Hominid dosen't show up to eat your face.

Any chance of a wade fulp version? seems like folks actually dislike him though since i don't read the forums i don't know why.

poxpower responds:

Wade says he has a bad microphone :p
And hey, I'd love to make one for the entire NG staff, but that would take FOREVER and I'm not a programmer worthy of such a game.