Reviews for "Punch Tom Out"

My computer lagged a bit Damn my 4 year old pc!

The game is actually awesome.
Controls were quite simple.
Left jab=left arrow
Right jab= right arrow
Haymakers have the same configure all you have to do is hold shift first.
It was a much funner than beating up Kevin Fed. game despite that being the greatest feeling ever. I would play it more, but my pc's keyboard gets all lagged up and "sticks" when I hold a button to long when messing with flashes.
I hate the Castle Crashers now...but I beat the game somehow.
GREAT JOB, Much love to you and Tom...<3

fun, yet satisfying

First off, Cudo's on the key board thing. my office buddies looked at me funny when i picked up my keyboard like that, but still, very original. It gave the playstation/Xbox being in me a warm fuzzy hug.

Then I started playing. Gotta say, the animation and voice-ing was darn good, but certian elements were usless. The block and stamina bar were interesting but i really never noticed a difference no matter what i did, wheather it be holding the block for 3 minutes, or punched tom 30 consecutive times.

also, the lack of combo's is a little annoying. The gut punch was a neet trick to figure, and so was the 1-2 punch, but otherwise very repetive.

and we both are apperently demi-gods capable of fighting for days, because our health was simply far to big to belong to a regular human ( and the punches wern't very effective either.

P.s I hold no ill will to the imortal god known as fulp, but the concept was good all the same.


gah, i beat it on hard first go, so its not that hard

that said, it was a challenge, so good job


the whole game was cool but the controls were kinda hard and the gameplay wasnt that exiting..but im giving it an 8 .

no way

even though hes a computer, i respect tom fulp too much. the game is fun, but...