Reviews for "Punch Tom Out"

Fun game, new style.

there was a glitch in the combo mode scene where it just says "wrong" and Tom's just standing there. It goes away if you let the timer run out though. Cool concept couple of tweeks maybe, I beat it on hard 1st try so, maybe the rest of NG staff, I mean if you were going to make a sequel.


it was pretty good but could have been a lot better


gAME IS OK, fun to see the castle crashers in there. but if you hold enter and keep hitting caps lock your guarenteed to win. becuase he can't block that low punch(might wanna fix that)

Game locked up

game locked up in combo mode and pause not working, got only left fist to use and tom is just thestanding there
hes health isnt going down.... without this issue i will give 7/10 with this game killer of a glitch its 1/10

Tom got PWN'ed lol.

The game was overall good.But the combo mode was useless.Also in combo mode some controls gets disabled.
==Overall: GOOD==