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Reviews for "Servant to the Rose pt 2"

The storyline could of been more epic

Both animations were very short.I was hoping for more adventure when viewing this ;(
The narrator's voice could of had reverb or some kind of sound effect to it to make the story sound more dreamlike.This would fit so nice as a long story book or animation.


I understand,just what his love was,his love,was the earth...and he wanted it to be restored,but the black roses caused all that pain in the earth,so he had to kill them,
to restore his love,interesting twist.

TheMillz responds:

Thanks man, I wanted to lead people down the path of believing he was refering to a woman until the end. Glad it worked and you could tell it was the Earth ;)


That was a real work of art. I loved the story, it has a very orignal plot. It was like a tale from the Arabian Knights, but with a darker twist. I hope you makes lots more flash like this, I really enjoyed it.

Also the music was perfect and complimented the flash very well.

This is pretty sweet just like the previous one. Fantastic job dude!


go for some uncalled stories to keep up the series like with all peace there was no fear no love no war and they replace the roses to restore sanity, just a thought i wanted to put out there