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Reviews for "Kickflip"

its fun

i couldn't get to 500


Good game, but i would much rather a greater amount of options for the tricks. but still a SOLID game.

Maybe a ingame tutorial would help

I had fun except i could get to the needed score. There were a LOT of commands in the how to area and by the time I got to the game i had forgotten half of everything but the basic controls. Maybe an in-game tutorial would make it easier to get into the game but, at the end of all my lives i wasn't even close to making the 1,000 points.

I'm sure others tht can memorize controls quickly will do well at this but for those of the short memory empaired it was impossible for me.

ugur responds:

Ok, i see, i have played it so often that i don´t have a good feel for the difficulty level anymore :)
I uploaded a new version where the target score is lower and i´ll also work on an in-game tutorial. Thanks for your feedback :)

3 tries

i got 607 in 3 tries


i'm an avid skater. this game was decent.
pointless review by me, El Derpeh lol