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Reviews for "The Life-Shroom Sprint"

awsome!!!! just frigging awsome...

This was probably the best iv seen all week! and iv seen a lot! sooooooo 10/10

Nice Flash Movie

The Voices And The Animation is Great! it Deserve More Then the 2nd Daily.

secondstamp responds:

Thank you whole-heartedly. :) and I wish it did, haha.


Well, I personally enjoy all mushroom chase submissions in which Mario kicks the crap out of that stupid beetle. XD By the way, did you base that "retro world" idea on AlvinEarthworm's Super Mario Bros. Z Episode 7? I'm just assuming that you're a pretty big fan of his.

And I hope you win. This was one of my personal favorites. Be sure to check out JonBro's and Psycosis91's (he's the one who made the Thwomps movies)

secondstamp responds:

Actually no, it's funny because Alvin uploaded the SMBZ episode the exact same day as my movie! So it was really a coincidence. The 8bit music was made by my man Psycosis91. I just loved the idea of having different transitions (also like the black and white and the elevator scene). Thanks for the review!


good use of music!!! and great flash

Super Funny XD

If you can't find the Easter egg then read this:
The Easter is in the loading screen(Title screen) click the small 1-up mushroom on the icon. (On the word "life")