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Reviews for "The Life-Shroom Sprint"

Funny, action packed, and fighting nothing missed.

two thumbs up. Best race by far on ng.


EVERYTHANG HERE IS HILARIOUS! MAN U GUUUD!!! Easter egg he's all like I'm gonna hit you with mah shoop da whoop unicorn powers! HA! lol man this was great.

Top sprite movie!

It really is and deserves frontpage! Facial expressions are flawless! 5 and 10!

Of all the entrys...

This one was the best. I laughed at everything, and voted five. I hope you win the contest! GREAT JOB!!!

I found another kinda easter egg :3

Its Arnie he made 2 appearences! At the begining and at the bullet bill chase. Great movie i cant find other sub missions for this contest cuz i wanna see how everyone else did!