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Reviews for "The Life-Shroom Sprint"


i love the easter egg.^^


Another awesome flash from 2nd, smooth animation and some nice custom sprites.

You earned your 5 buddy.

nice one!

but isnt that contest over?

secondstamp responds:

The contest will end October 13th, 2008. Thanks for the review, by the way!

mama f--cking mia!!!

omg i lol'd on this one so hard!!! :P

I loved it.

This was fantastic,the framerate was great and made it look very smooth plus the voice acting couldn't have been any better to sound like Mario & Luigi,the concept of the flash was hilarous with Mario trying to get his 1-Up mushroom back from the buzzy beetle and all the stuff those two went through during that sprint was just funny as hell,i enjoyed this very much man you did a fantastic job on this Mario parody.