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Reviews for "The Life-Shroom Sprint"

:D awesomeness

Love the mushroom changing faces (like .__. and many others
also arnies being himself again by showing up in an awesome video...
(they should start putting up signs; beware for falling castles and of course: Don't feed the black guy any mushrooms!!!

But there's 1 thing i don't get: before the hammer bro fight mario enters a pipe first and then the black dude follows, but why he hell did h follow i mean: he wanted to get away no?

Now where is my cookie???

ha ha ha!!

this was great!!! i loved how Arnie made 2 appearances!! great video

I found another kinda easter egg :3

Its Arnie he made 2 appearences! At the begining and at the bullet bill chase. Great movie i cant find other sub missions for this contest cuz i wanna see how everyone else did!


lol funny make a sequel


This one is the best one of them all, hands down.