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Reviews for "Floes"


this is super fun make more hope that motivated you!

beloxx89 responds:

Yea it did, thanks


Nice and 3d. Also, I can get stuck under platforms and die. Hope you'l fix that!

Fun and interesting

I liked the idea of the game, though the gameplay was rather unwieldy. It was fun and well made. 9/10 :)

A nice solid game, with a creative idea!

While I think this could use the touch a slightly better artist, as some of the grapics are second rate, but the gameplay, while challengeing, is and this is an idea I havent seen before. There seems to be no glitches that I can find, and the programming is stable and functional. I think you've got the workings of a greats game creator. Hope to see more of your work!

very good but..

the shadow for the ball falls through the triangles making it hard to judge where exactly you are, and the view makes it hard to tell where you're jumping.
when you get to the star at the end it's sometimes hard to hit it or i doesn't catch and you fall to the ground and end up losing half the time.
but it was still addictive and the concept is great, and if you meant it to be hard like that then i won't knock you for it, some of these other games are just too easy.

all in all, good job and hope to see more.