Reviews for "Escape: The Second Room"

Stumped. Bad click detection?

Okay, so I got the gloves, the brass, and the number, but the buttons on that safe/microwave don't seem to work. I can't figure out what the hey I am supposed to do, and I've been clicking like mad.

ODD-1 responds:

umm, I should've specified, With those, you click on the screen of the keypad and add your number,

Hope you've played the original coz u cant beat it without it :)

No ta.

"4. Escape: The First Room must have been played in order to beat this game"
No point in being forced to beat your previous submissions in order to play this ugly game.

ODD-1 responds:

Well, it CAN be done without that, but you'd need to be really smart

edit: Wait, did you actually play it?... Also its kinda common sense that the first in a series should be done before others for a full understanding of the others

One fatal flaw

This and the first one the paper shreds were extremely annoying to have to deal with; if you don't have a system that allows them to click into place then having pieces that small takes away from the fun of the game and just makes its frustrating. Not bad by any means though, that's just a huge annoyance.

ODD-1 responds:

yeeh, I couldnt think of a new way to hide the numbers without paper shreds :(

But thanks :)