Reviews for "Windows Doors Demo"

I love the StalkTalk!

It's so cool!
But it will not tell me, where it's from.. When I ask, it just ask me where I'm from..
And one more thing makes me laugh:
I said: "I have a mom"
And then Archon68 answered: "How much did it cost? it."

Archawn responds:



Maaan..You rule!!How did you do that?!

Archawn responds:

Don't do drugs!

stalkchat rules!

i randomly asked: do u like the simpsons?

i sure love the simpsons, especialy bart and homer

wow it looks like u actualy answer us!


how are u able to program the chat thing? u have to be like a genius or something!


how come the FLOSS isnt on the real thing?
oh well
i loe this aswll as the real thing

Archawn responds:

I was planning on adding it, but I didn't set up WD the right way so it would have been extremely difficult to implement. Hopefully it makes it into WD2!