Reviews for "Swords and Sandals 3:Solo"

bullshit u gotta pay for it

good, i beat the bosses after trying several times, just asking, y do the SKELETON characters bleed? shouldnt they ooze necrotic fluid, or maybe even none at all, its just kinda weird seeing the blood coming out of a skeleton, oh, and make the breastplates cost less, i couldnt afford 1 the entire time, even thougfh it made my manly chest stand out :D

hechaos responds:

Yeah the skeletons bleed. And so do the robots! I wanted to have their blood different colours but colour tinting the blood anims just never happened . The game suffered real "feature creep" and at a certain point I just had to stop throwing stuff in there and just get it released. Cheers for your review.



without using any cheats or magic. good old fashion beat the shit out of him. Used the money I got to get a mega sword which kills everyone in 1 hit now

Omg i killed the last boss in one strike!

..piercing his heart XD, nice game dude, too bad its just a demo though.


theyre the biggest problem i have with this game, fix them and ill be hooked. the first one was properly done, then the pig was really tough but killable. but the third one, the skeleton, was near impossible. he did half my armor+life total in one strike! also the way i built my character was to have lots of extra dodge chance(30% actually) and where this helped at the beginning it seemed to only cause harm after the second boss cause i was unable to hurt the enemies fast enough and started to fall to the random death chance when being struck(wtf is that for?).


to eazy