Reviews for "Dysfunctional Love"

at 00:24 I knew it would be a ten

much better than al the techno and dubstep
I'm just cruising on this tunes, forgetting all my worries.
Jam on Bro

You're pretty close, but I'd say you should look into swing. It just needs a wee touch in the overall progression and it's really a spot-on hit. :D

I want to listen to the beginning forever! Its so good, do you have sheet music?
But overall its pretty good, I like the beginning better...

I wouldn't say it is pure jazz, but then again, I have no clue about music. It has a good variety and doesent add unnecessary length.

Sounds good.

Man sometimes I just want to take the song and add my own drums and kicks snares etc.... Im always looking for people to Collab with. If interested let me know...