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Reviews for "Kowabunga"

Simply Amazing

I like how you started this song, great contrast to what was to come. Amazing beat and great bass. You've also got a great point when it comes to patience and people. i'm certainly glad i listened through the first minute! Have a good day man!


Yeah this gives reality a nice little facepalm and some awesome sauce to go with it.
I'm gonna keep tabs on you.
Maybe you'll get a cookie.

I could really go for a pie right now. ^_^

ZuneInc responds:

thanks aaroca :) wouldnt say no to a pie either :P

wat is it

first mario style then pokemon style then somting nice

ZuneInc responds:

:D yea somethin like that. Dont forget the turtles ;)

sick overall amazing vibes!

i feel the snare could use some work but the mix is great

ZuneInc responds:

thanks a lot mrJohnson :) couldnt quite get it so strong and big as you usually do without losing something else from the mix ;) the bass and the snare....took a lot of tweaking back and forth.

Really well done :D

Nice man keep this up :D

ZuneInc responds:

sure will :)