Reviews for "Shinukoto!"


This was so fuckin' funny. LuckyStar Yuri.


wonder wat made this girl wanna go suicide..anyways 10 stars lol

Sickingly funny!

I loled hard at her attempts, especially the stove one. But I do agree with Gazp. The ending was kind of...wha?...but a good flash none the less! Oh, nice job with the Konata/Kagami. Very lovely. =D


hahahaha the toast was burnt MY TOST U TAST STEALER oh and it was good it was worth my time waching it over and over and over and over and over hahaha


love the MGS references, i have the the alert sound as my text tone and the codec as my ring tone, so im an MGS Otaku (seeing those refs made me think of the MGS stuff on my phone), please do more