Reviews for "Shinukoto!"

I like it!

Good work here, Dei. You've managed to take a serious subject, one which touches many people near, and make it into a cute and somewhat humorous anime-style movie. Not an easy task, I suppose, but you pulled it off well.

As far as the technical aspects of the movie (graphics, sound, etc.), this leaves nothing to be desired. Music, visuals, it was all as good as one could wish. And that, of course, is pretty good.

But where this Flash really shines is its treatment of the topic at hand: suicide. Suicide is serious, and you managed to make it seem less so throughout this movie. Though the character dies at the end, that only helps to emphasize the humor of the earlier parts, increasing its effect and bringing a deeper grin to my face as well. Nice work.
5/5, 10/10, favorited.


this video was funny, and the dude below me is probably emo, or a bitch :D


it was.....yea....just very nice


Really funny. I see you play Half-Life 2?


that wos the single funniest @#$%^ i have seen ever. i can barely breathe let alone type i am laughing so hard! great animation.