Reviews for "Shinukoto!"


if it only had subtitles...

Very cool (especially for a first [?] submission)

Using fast paced humor and action with fun music...great job!

Especially loved the MGS and Lucky Star references >//w//<
(Just asking...but...that first part when she says, "Okaerinasaimase goshujinsama. Imakara STAGE yarunode, miteteyo!" is from the Lucky Star anime right before Konata does her Haruhi dance at her cosplay cafe...right? Just...kinda wondered...)


I have to say I'm impressed. I never thought anyone cold take suicide and actually make it funny. Sure the was a little confusing but I don't care it was fun and enjoyable and anyone who takes this seriously really needs to lean to relax. (YEs thats to you Fishyman)


aww I wanted to see her off her self j/k
Its funny?and odd but its anime so I LIKE IT
Good Job=D *gives pat on back*
Full marks for animation
luv the creepy kirby music^^

sad ending T_T

this is good shame about the sad end T_T