Reviews for "Shinukoto!"


ok that ending was sad..i was kinda hoping she would make a comeback..the fire bits of it were pretty amusing to say the least,but it did a 180 on ya and she dies? i mean wow..and like ive said i was hoping for a comeback...so im really confused on the message here though the animation was flawless ill admit that much.

it was good............ but.....

it was so sad, that i started feeling sad and it was good and funny alittle but it was so sad........

;A; . . . how sad!

....I'm very conflicted on this one... at first, you were just making lighthearted humor of what is normally a very serious and sad issue, and that on its own isn't so terrible... but then you threw us for a loop, going from bright cheery colors to dark browns and dank greys, and then... she freaking dies?!? D; Well, I know that's what she was after in the first place, but I thought it was a joke, and the joke being that she always fails at it, which in the long run is GOOD!! What makes it even sadder is the note telling her to 'come back soon', presumably from a friend or friends that miss her!

This is just my opinion, but I think a better way to end the video would have been for the same scene to take place, with the depressing and serious ambience in the hospital with the note telling her to get better, but for her to recover, realize suicide isn't the answer, and to return to her friends, which is a good message to send, even if it is a little cliche... I don't really know what kind of message you were trying to send with this flash; I mean, it sure doesn't seem like you actually WANT to kill yourself, but I don't know what else that could be conveying...? I guess you were just trying to make us sad? (it worked... ;n;)

Other than that, the animation and artwork were very nice, and I certainly can't find fault with those... I hope you learn something from making this and that you will continue to improve, I look forward to seeing more.

This is sick

You make fun of suicide as if it were some kind of joke! Your a horrible person.