Reviews for "Power Star 4"

Deserves more score! (Current Score: 4.07)

That was so damn beauty, I can't say this in other way. Good tweens, good fights, good blood, good effects, good voice acting, good music, good length, good ending... What else could I request? It's perfect and nice you at last didn't stopped making this, a powerful pixel submission in a long time! Hope this inspires people again to make some good crap that takes time again :)

Some serious submission here.


It's rare to see and wonderfully animated and emotionally moving sprite animation on newgrounds. I especially like how you expressed the blistering insanity with mario when he killed luigi and the princess

Good luck with your other works. :D

Though I think the ending was a bit rushed, it still was very awesome, and I can only guess how awesome your other works will be when they are completed. I look forward to great things from you from now on.

Good luck and don't disappear on us. :)


This is truely the best ending you can wish. I hope you´ll advantage with your other techniques.


Saw this on your forums, forget the haters is was very good. Quick question, if you're done with sprites what will you do next?