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Reviews for "Power Star 4"

Simply amazing

I watched this too many times, but each time it's better.
The music, simply amazing. The story, voice acting, and animation was wonderful!
This is a perfect way to end a story!


i didnt finish this because i want back to watch the other ones first!! ITS IMPERATIVE!!!! because
1. it wont make sense
2. the otherones rock too
3. there too awesome to miss!!!!

Nearly Put a Tear in my eye...

Seriously....I rarely give tens RARELY but after seeing that...the creativity, the way you strayed away from the norms of making a flash and creating a plot, I have nothing to say about any kind of flaws within your movie. That blew me away there was no Disney yay everyone is alive and we live happily ever after you kept it real all the way thru, and gave us that lesson that death comes upon us all no matter what, even Super Mario cannot escape the inevitable. I applaud your creativity and hope you create another series that is even more serious than this. O and this is the first serious Mario movie I have seen in a while that is actually worth watching Great work and you earned every single star to creat that 10.


If there where only more flashes like this on the world... even porn would be for naught in the internet. Great job!

Absolutely an amazing work of art. Bravo.

You have taken the sprite genere to a level previously unseen by newgrounds. Never in my time on newgrounds (many years) have I witness such a flawless execution of crucial elements that form a perfect movie. Everything about this movie is completely flawless, the story, the sound, the animation, the nostalgia, and the execution of all these elements put together.

Very few movies have ever gotten an emotional response from me, but a sprite movie, a sprite epic created by you literally stopped me in my tracks for a brief moment in sincere appreciation for such a fantastic creation.

The story was so simple, but so well executed I was left speechless my friend. The voice acting was some of the best I've ever heard on newgrounds. You made great use of blurs and lighting effects, great use of sprites and awesome modification to the stock sprites.

I hope you take a moment and watch the movies you've created pretending you've never seen them before, you deserve to witness the creative potential you possess from my point of view.

I'm very happy you decided to end it the way you did, closure is often one of the most over looked and ignored beauty of a series. You ended it, but it will always live on. I am going to pass this movie along to as many as I can, you have truly earned a spot among the best animiators in newgrounds, and you truely stand next and with perxicide in terms of sprite animation and story telling.

Animation is your talent, never abandon it.