Reviews for "Power Star 4"

I don't understand something.Mario always beat Luigi and he even had one more power star than him.But in this movie,Luigi still couldn't beat him,Even tho he was better than the last episodes.And one more question.Why Mario could control himself AT THE FINAL PART,I mean.The boos had power stars.Damn,I wish Daniel Sun will make another episode of this,I mean the story is finished.But like power star 2.5 or so.I can only hope.

I remember watching this video when I was 6 years old, and now when I watch it I feel like I'm
6 years old again. Thank you Daniel for the good memories when I was younger! :D It's probably the best Mario Sprite Animation ever made by the way!

Great animation!

Power Star is for me the best animated parody, it has a very good story, good effects even though it is old and has very good music. I can remember when I saw this as 6-7 years ago and I loved it, until today I think the same´╗┐

These are one of the few flash animations that still holds up very well. Very well done man. ^_^