Reviews for "Power Star 4"

I hated the ending, but I did like the rest, the story was getting good up to this point. Mario kills everyone and then kills himself and all the toads are back to normal...I guess its just my opinion.

This is a beautiful storyline. The animation was absolutely astounding, the music and sound programming was fantastic, and the creativity is phenomenal. I actually almost cried at the ending. Honestly, this would make an awesome fan-made movie if put together as one solid flash. I commend you because this is the best mario flash I have ever watched, and you have an extraordinary talent for this kind of media. I hope you will never stop working with media, because it would be a great loss to the multimedia community.

For This Is A (Power Star 1,2,3,4 - Ayrton Vs. Chaos Mina Sagaia) But He's Got Dark Power Up The Sky

Mario:Hey luigi can you help i have a bob-om*boom*

One my favorite parts was when mario had flames around him!!!