Reviews for "Power Star 4"

This was amazing. The story, the action, the storyline...just great. Although I do not think the blood was necessary. I would've preferred the violence be kept at the "Mario Combat" level, but I still liked it.

Quick question though: Will you ever publish the custom sprites you made so that they can be used by the public?

Blood,mindless action,storyline. All the things that Daniel did for a 5 from me!

When I was a child, I thought the world was better than this, that nothing like this could ever happen. But you see this and think, are we really that different? How many each generation are corrupted by power and greed. Thank you Daniel Sun. Thank you for creating this beautiful masterpiece that I look up from years ago and still find interest in it. Even if the Mushroom Kingdom was peaceful, what about the blocks? The Official Nintendo Handbook says the koopas turned all of the citizens into blocks. They make it so the only way he can ever beat them is to kill thousands of his comrades. Fiction is a beautiful thing, and I hope it never changes.

This is a great video! I love the animation style, the story, etc. It's a little bit sad at the end, but dramatic endings are good in the perspectives of some people. I gave this 5 stars because I thought it deserved that rating.

Epic. That's all that I, mathmario, can say of this movie.
I have cryed when I saw Mario kiling Luigi.
Epic, and this is an unique tale. And it may receive 5 honest stars.
You're very good in making these sprite movies.
Never stop the good work, and continue giving n00b people some of fun.
That's all that I can say. Thank you by the good movie.
If someday I make some sprite movie, you'll be in the credits how inspiration.