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Reviews for "Power Star 4"

Where's Geno when you need him...

Anyway, reallly good animation, I remember watching this in 2010, crying. Great storyline, perfect ending.

Eight years old, I loved it. Come back in 2015, now Im 13. Still cried.

Power Star was my childhood, still as great as the first times i watched it

Cool story

I love it, I have but two questions for you though...

1.) Where'd you get the Sound Effects?
2.) Can you combine all four series into one and have it to be Downloadable as an Mp4 or WMV please?

I wanna watch it on my Phone on the go offline, plus make a Music-Video with it all to boost the ratings for this. Don't worry, I'll be sure to keep it as a © with your name on it with an All Rights Reserved on it.