Reviews for "Power Star 4"

This is such a strong converging moment. Being honest, this entire story is heartbreaking, and you portrayed what would happen very accurately. You've inspired me to make something similar.
God, I love old sprite movies.

D-SuN responds:

I hope you do make something similar! I got started making sprite movies after I watched the late Randy Solem's Rise of the Mushroom Kingdom in 2002.

One day I'd like to make another sprite movie too.

After all these years, I remember watching this as a kid, one of the first flashes I watched on newgrounds... And mario still stands with the mighty gore and blood filled action that I love. Congrats, violent videos games make kids violent.

D-SuN responds:

Thanks! I was watching a few of these old movies last night actually - So much fun to make! I actually want to do more haha

great film

Now Criticisms aside Before I get started on the details and such, I just wanted to say a few things in a more enlightening way of the flash, first off it was a refreshing flash entry and showed off some decent skills here and there and what not.
and here you have a great flick with a match up of mario vs luigi wich was fun and you had some really good "MUSIC" to match up well and the fight scenes were pretty impressive aswell, I like what you have done here. the "EFFECTS" are really good in this one, The Concept really had me here as it did Grasp the audiance aswell, There are only a few spots that could be cleaned up or Ironing out but the Conclusion here is that this was like Visionary idea and project and I had some good enjoyment out of it.

So maybe here we can modify a few things just have to be Prepared aswell as Visualize your ideas into new heights and beyond, So I have a few Proposed Changes and its as small as just a few Minor Details. This was really impressive i would say some subtitles but it was good as is.


D-SuN responds:

Thanks for the feedback! Glad you enjoyed it. I'd love to have another crack at a fan sprite film - one day indeed!

I watch it years ago. This movie is Eight years old now. Goodbye for D-SuN's sprite animations.

RIP D-SuN's sprite animations

D-SuN responds:

8 years - time moves way too quickly. I'd like to do another sprite animation again tbh - when I've got more time I will :)

Where's Geno when you need him...

Anyway, reallly good animation, I remember watching this in 2010, crying. Great storyline, perfect ending.