Reviews for "Power Star 4"


WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! great fighting scencs 2 many fast camera angles could have given some 1 a seizure hahaha lol well to bad it had 2 end this way T_T poor peach luigi and mario oh another thing there was to much red i could barely see mario's eyes but hey after all that whating we finaly see how it ended. What ever happend 2 the boos after mario killed him self i did not see any shoot out of his body im going 2 stop talking now so much more i want to talk about but u have 2 read all these other great comments and 10 star rating and who ever messes with u has to go through me (!!! ROARRRRR!!!!!) lol

Overall EPIC series

Awsome ending to the series man great job on every thing. I gotta admit the first fight scene made me want to play some supersmash bro's, but thats not a bad thing :D



Very impressive.

What a way to end what is probably the best Mario parody series on Newgrounds i was so amazed at this and it makes me sad to know that this will be the final one,best of luck to you and your future goals and you will always have a special place for all flash artists on this site.

I want more but good job

I honestly did not like how the series ended but I agree with everyone else that its a top notch sprite movie and I love the crazy violence! All I want is you to rethink it and make a number 5!