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Reviews for "Power Star 4"

Very impressive.

What a way to end what is probably the best Mario parody series on Newgrounds i was so amazed at this and it makes me sad to know that this will be the final one,best of luck to you and your future goals and you will always have a special place for all flash artists on this site.

I want more but good job

I honestly did not like how the series ended but I agree with everyone else that its a top notch sprite movie and I love the crazy violence! All I want is you to rethink it and make a number 5!

Very well done.

Heh, silly Boos, didn't know their own spell's strength.

It's been a while since I last got to see the Power Star movies, and you did a great job with the final one. It was definetly a sad story from the start, but the ending was a great resolve, and showed the only glimmer of hope, even though it didn't seem to exist. Now for my review:

Animation: 10. Very good animation, expanding the limitations of sprites.
Plot: 10. It flowed greatly with the previous movies and ended on a better tone.
Sound: 10. Went perfectly with the movie, and emphasized the sadness, as well as the hope in the end.
Violence: 10. It seemed a little overdone, but it went with the idea of the final, deadly battle well.
Overall: 10. This rating is self-explanitory.

It's too bad you don't have plans to make another sprite movie. Good luck with any future projects you may have!

dramatic,sad and speechless

best of the best i've ever seen,10/10 story line,10/10 audio,10/10 graphics and designs,10/10 voice providers and 10/10 to the author himself for a pefect imagination,never seen a video with this much since,im adding it to my top cuz it was sad and dramatic*whhaaaaa lawl* since its the end of this mario story,how bout...a little bit of a link or sonic story?better try it,it will be awsome!

<3 <3 <3

i love this flash, the animation is amazing, the intensity is high, and the voices are great.

I'm sad to see you go.