Reviews for "Power Star 4"

this episode must have been a pain in the ass and gut to edit but it was fucking awesome if I could I would rate infinity stars

This was an amazing video. I am a big fan of flash animations, and this blew my mind. The animation was detailed (as far as sprites go) and fluid, the ending sad yet touching, and the voice acting added a lot. 5 stars is the least I could possibly rate this.

Not to be rude, but if people still want their childhood memories, they shouldn't be on internet cuz thats like 40% childhood breaking

Thats a pretty fucked up way to end it. But to be honest, this the is the first time an ending did get pretty morbid. Kudoes to you for that. Hopefully we will see more of your craft down the road my good sir.

where is bowser when you need him?