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Reviews for "With My Mind's Madness"


Holy dogcrap.... That was the best movie I've ever seen in this sketch style. And it's madness. Should it be possible, I'd give you a 20/10.


best madness video


Very good


that was rad man. BUT>>> that part where he lip syncs to the song was so corny. personally not my type of music but it worked well with the animation. just could have done without the lip sync. overall creative and awesome though. great jorb!

MindChamber responds:

haha yeah people are split on that, some people find it corny some people get chills,

its just one of them things where you cant nail it for everyone


Cool sketching.
MudaF, I've read atleast 500 of those. I never posted anything and I never died. Lol. Joke's OLD dude.