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Reviews for "With My Mind's Madness"


Good animation, good drawing, good music, good plot, good ending!!!

This is sooooo GOODDDDD :D


Amazing, this actually makes perfect sense along the madness series

to quote Dane Cook, "I just came."

the only reason i created this account was to comment on your work. this is perhaps the best movie of the madness genre, and i'm sure matt jolly would agree. if there truly are no more krinkles madness animations to come, then this is the most fitting ending i think will ever be concieved. i bow to you, good sir, as i am sure many have and still will for some time.


Mindchamber , this is probably your best piece of work to this DAY! I loved It! And I think the rest of my pal reviewing this can back me up!


Such powerful images. Each time I see it, I feel something different. This time, I couldn't help but wish you were portraying the real Christ and not merely "the Savior." I don't know if that's your thing or not, but the images of the ability to conquer evil through self-sacrifice really touched a nerve, in a really good way. Keep it up!