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Reviews for "With My Mind's Madness"


Woa! this is awsome but the only weird thing is that is maddness men have crosses on there heads but jesus dosent but anyway enough of that shit this is brilliant

Truly epic!

Wow! That was just fuckin unbelieveably epic! I love the intensive music in it! It made it all extremely epic and ass-kicking! Also , I loved the beautiful drawings in it , too , and the graphics were spectactular!


wow... fucking trippy and beautiful. im glad i dont do drugs. that was amazing. great choice with music. keep it up

Total Badass

I skipped watching this for a bit, no reason why just didnt think it would be that great, saw it was high up in the portal and thought what the hell.
Damn did you humble me, was fucking amazing, I cant say enough great things about this Flash. I loved how you took the feel of last madness and carried it on with your own style it was perfect keep it up!


This was an insanely awesome animation!
The ending was sorta sudden, but still completely awesome. The music went right with it!