Reviews for "Gom Lolzzzzzzzzzzz"

For a moment....

I thought it was going to be a spam flash because of the comment you put under "Author's comments", but after I saw this movie I had a change of heart. It was very well drawn and executed; one of the top madness movies I have seen today. Great job! 5/5 10/10

Tip: Next time don't write childish comments as one may think it is a spam flash. I was about to skip/blam it.

very well done

very well done, you got the majority of the game's basic story down I guess, and did very well with the graphics along with the sound. the only problem with the sound though is the "GRWAAAR" at the end keeps continueing into the menu and through another play


And I'm not even into madness. In fact, I generally abhor it. Most madness animations are too bland and without a decent plot.

Your work amazed me. I ihad fo force myself into giving it a 9. I was ambivalent about it, but this deserves the grade, if not a higher rating.