Reviews for "Madness: Origins"

pretty good

animation was great... but the story....well i cant really rate it cuz i barely heard it.

as a matter of fact the narrators voice wasnt that high at all; maybe... work on that for next time???

still great animation, and the parts that i did hear were solid 8/10 good work.

Good stuff

But for an animation that relied so heavily on the story telling
it fell flat...

good animation though.

Overall good, but a few things

I liked the very classical storytelling style. Only 2 things you could've worked on or added. First, some of the background effects you could've muffled so that you could still hear the narrator (for example, the thunder and the arrows swishing by). And also maybe added a little more fight to it. I liked it overall though.

its alright

every thing was good but the voice over and the story a bit.
the voice over had a lisp which i coudnt stop thinking about so it was a bit distracting and the story was a bit nerdy but its good.

goood but!

i liked it good
but it would be soooooo cooool to put some music on it!
some background music
it would be perfect!

it's my opinion
it NEEDS music, background music