Reviews for "Madness: Origins"

just the sound

the narrating was epic fail, sorry but i lolled at the fact she had a lisp the animation and idea were good stuff but the sound was a bit pants

not that good...

yeah nice and all...but as jschil said: you should have made a different story for it..it would have been real nice.

(wow...i thought vinnie created this coz of the drawings.)

not bad but not all that good

i give it a 6. good story and animation but should not have been a madness. decent though

i feel like riping my lips off after hearing that

dude who the hell speaks like that?its so freaking lipsy i wanted to rip my own lips off.that is so freaking annoying!!if you make another vid with that mother f***ing voice again i will try making a law that happens if you have a lipsy voice again on your vids youll be ABANDONED from newgrounds.com

Only the animation was acceptable.

This really looks like you've written down a concept, got some lispy voiced girl to read it out and just animated the words. The animation was good quality, but tell the narrative through the actions and the film, the reading was stupid. Happy Madness Day anyway.