Reviews for "Madness: Origins"


i didnt think that hank EVER died before he was a super ninja um... what ever he is! sniff* sniff*

Not bad

But sound sucks!!!


That was...decent. Like they've said, the narrating voice wasn't exactly on par with the topic at hand. It would've been better to have had like a guys deeper voice. In addition, the plot was a little bit weak again in regards to the topic at hand. It's MADNESS. You know? It needs to be a little more bloody and intense!!

The animation was excellent though, regardless of all that. Good try =D


Points for effort but your explanation didn't exactly say anything about how his bout with the Sheriff started. Also, voice-overs aren't your forte, but the animation was good. Plus, why didn't you do the voice yourself?

meh..iz ok i guess

your animations was good but how (im guessing you...aka the narriator) part was horrible.

stik with flash..and stay away from voices