Reviews for "Madness: Origins"

hated it utterly

what a piece of crap!!! voice acting sucked ass, premise sucked ass, and it was totally dull. Plus the lack of firearms, it's not a madness flash if there isn't any gunshots!!!! obviously you don't know anything about madness combat, only the fact the main character's name is Hank and he has a cross on his face. that's all you know about it. wat could you do to improve it?: try changing the whole damn thing!!!! I don't know wat other movies u made but they gotta be better than this. one last thing trying to tie mandess with the whole "battle for the portal" crapola is a bad idea. Thank you and good night!!!!!!!

Zwickel responds:



talk less, more murder! or war? i was going to give you a 4 but, it had HANK! so i give you 6!

(hanks cute, in most things, not this!)

too much speech

not enough action

Zwickel responds:



Killing off Hank was'nt a good idea. Oh and inserting your voice in kinda killed it. No offence. But I give it a five because the animation is good. I like the story line but it would have made more sence if you did'nt kill Hank, Considering the fact that he's still alive.


animation: 8/10 (4/5)
voice acting: 2/10 (1/5)
story: 6/10 (3/5)

total: 5/10 (2.5/5, so 3/5)

The voice acting sucks dude... And it came from the VAC! Did you have an audition or did you do FCFS? (first come, first serve?) Get a better VA its not too late to change the voice you know. You can edit the flash file and put on a better voice.

Zwickel responds:

Ill try to get better VAs thanks.