Reviews for "Madness: Origins"


so, everyone is pissed about hank having arms and legs being able to walk and stuff huh? well, i say, use your imagination, and stop crying about it already. like, think of it this way. hank always comes back, and they ripped his arms and legs off in this for a reason. ITS EFFIN TITLED ORIGINS! i really hope i am not the only one who got that.....

anyway, it was very well done, and it was funny to. 10/10 5/5

lol this is sparta

Cool! ^o^

Ok fuck everyone, seriously, fuck everyone.

This was fucking great. It was excellent, the story was pretty fitting, and you gave a good idea of the early days of the portal. The animation was pretty smooth too, the art could have been better, but I still enjoyed it. Too bad it's under-rated and is being voted down by over crazed madness faggots who think that changing the traditional no limbs at all thing is like an apocalypse.
I enjoyed it.

Zwickel responds:

You are smarter than most people around, thank you.

Very nice.

I think that darkfire was over reacting. the animation was nice, but i had some difficulty hearing the words when there was lightning and a sword slash, but other than that it was good! Madness combat actually uses blades which is where he is wrong. And i liked the idea of all the portal denziens having a war. Above all, 80%.

it's not that bad

good drawings i like the idea of the clock crew being killed because they bother me, liked the little fighting you had but the voice acting needs work you ever tried to get some off the site because anyone w a mic would love to help but i don't have a mic so don't ask other than that good job.