Reviews for "Madness: Origins"

These other people know nothing

I thought it was actually quite good, and a very interesting take on the whole war for the portal/madness idea.

To those who are upset that Hank died: When did any one character ever gain immunity from death? Isn't the whole idea of newgrounds "everything, by everyone?" For those that aren't 13 and/or have been viewing this website for three days, you would know this.

My only beef with this is the voice acting. There's absolutely no dramatic inflection or intonation. I really think this could benefit from having someone else with a little more talent doing the voice-over.


biggest ripoff ever

Zwickel responds:

Heh, u know sh***t

13itch did u just kill hank!!!!

ok first and formost the wehole story line was terrible and the clock crew is not evil dude, they dont even hurt anyone else they just kill each other

ur messing with the entire newgrounds portal dont, the flash was also poor like i said naration and animation didn't seem to dependent on one another also u didn't even use anyones freakin vioce

ether ur new or ur just bad but please leave madness day to the pros

Zwickel responds:

Hahahaha which pros? On this madness day? I see no pros other than Tom Fulp and Mindchamber.
Tell me who's pro for you.


Sorry to say that, put u don't have the talent for voice acting,the animation was good,and the story is ok,still your voice cuts the atmosphere.Really.

Poor Sound/Narration

I really wanted to give this a better review but alas I cant. The narration was drown alot by the sound effect and Dude seriously you dont have the voice for narration, I mean you lisp and squeky voice killed the whole thing and this is by no means meant to attack you in any way I'm just letting you know for future flashes PLEASE dont you use your own voice.

Zwickel responds: