Reviews for "Madness: Origins"

Could have been better

Ill give you a 7 for the good animation. But the character that represented Hank was a real downer. All the other newground characters actualy looked like themselves. Also get a better mic.

Story was alright....

So down to the point, I feel that your animation was the best out of it all. and story telling could have been done better

sorry but didn't like it.

Not saying I could do better. Its not the fact that Hank died. I think it was the voice that ruined it for me.

not bad

im just being picky, but something just seemed off.... i dont think it was the voice but maybe it was...

i think it went well

i think you drew the characters of the portal nicely as well

so 10 i guess =]

I'm your fan!

I think that you done an excellet work .: CoNgRaTuLaTiOnS bAbY!! :.
I'm your fan!

Zwickel responds: