Reviews for "DJ Newman Madness"

It was alright...

It was okay... could use some serious improvements though.

- You tried to use way too few frames on too high a speed. It made the action choppy and hard to follow.
- Similar to the last, the text was almost impossible to read before it went offscreen - the fast frame rate + low number of frames again.
- I think you may want to look for a different way to convey text than the strips up top - they look a bit amatuerish. Some people go for that look intentionally, that's fine, but be aware that it dosn't look the best - speech bubbles are nice if done tactfully. Voice actors are always best though, if at all necessary.

Sometimes a sweat drop or a wordless pointing hand can convey more than you'd think. :)

Smidly responds:

Yay a review, thanks for it and the advice.

I tried using the sort of expression dealies but I got stuck on how to convery some things. And I didnt use voices for 2 reasons, Ludwig didnt want me to do a crappy job of his voice, and Madness usually doesnt use voices