Reviews for "DJ Newman Madness"

Um.. Ok what.

Ok at first glance, I see that the sprites just look awful. I mean awful. EVEN IF I SET IT TO HIGH QUALITY, they'll still horrible. You're not supposed to download pictures of them, you're supposed to download them from a fla.
Ok so first off, learn how to arrange the hands. I've said this before, and I'm saying it again: it's not rocket science to figure out which hand is left and which is right. Ok now, they just slide to the door, no definition of actual walking or anything, just sliding. Then a zombie pops out and starts killing people..? Um, ok, that makes sense. Ok then this next part is just too badly animated to even comprehend what's happening. How does he get the AK47? Why does he kill everyone? Who is "Smidly"? Another note on that, go to a firing range, then fire an ak47. Do you stand there like a statue while firing it with no movement at all? No. Don't animate like this, add some kick back, and a definition of their limbs not being completely sown together. You animated them like walking statues.
Ok this next part is hilarious in his own way. Especially how you got the guns with the moving slides... Seriously... what. Ok so then there are more of these horribly exported characters (seriously, what the fuck?). Also in this part, the text goes by WAY too fast to even read that. I could only read in the first word or so before it changed, I'm a fast reader, but not fast enough for this flash. It's sad too, because I have no idea why he shot him.
This next part is just...
I seriously could not tell what happened. It was way too choppy and poorly animated. And the zombies didn't really make any sense at all. I had no idea what happened, so if you could tell me, I would love to.
Over all, this was awful. For one thing, fix those ugly low quality sprites, they look horrible. Second, take some time on your movies, we don't want to watch a rushed out hunk of shit, we want a movie that has been animated smoothly and has had time taken on it. You should really take time to watch Krinkels latest movies, hell, any of Krinkels' Madness movies. Not for entertainment, but so that you can study how smoothly and fluently he animates. And try to get better using that. And pay attention to all these negative reviews. No matter how negative they are, they should still have a point, the point is, that this was a badly animated movie. And the sooner you realize that, the sooner you'll get better.
And try to make your movies stand out more, and have a plot that actually makes sense in the movie. I don't want to have to ask you why the hell there were zombies or what was happening, you need to make it clear in the movie. And try to be more original, rather than this "kill everything randomly" shit. There are only a few times when this is acceptable, if the animator is godly, like Engan for example. His are random, but they're cool.
So yeah read that and such and like, get better.

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very nice

it was very random, though those guys with the green heads, where they supposed to be members of Anonymous? because they sort of reminded me of them.

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but a 9 for the moving pistols in armory.

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Lol sorry


Nothing to new or anything. Its lacking sound effects here and there i'm seeing some simple animating skills (wich is fine to an extent) ISee the concept i just think you failed to grasp it. Meh, thats ok though man. Keep on it for sure.


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Thanks dude, I'm gonna make a come back with PPPP


not too good the story was bad

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