Reviews for "DJ Newman Madness"

God, what a piece of crap.

Low quality, pixelated sprites, too fast in general, subtitles unreadable and too fast too.

One point for actually doing any subtitles at all.

Smidly responds:

Did I do something to piss you off or did you just stumble upon this?

Anyway I'm aware that the sprites are pixelated, but I'd really like to see you do better.
I mean this probably deserves a 3 or ATLEAST a 2.

Sucked so bad

it's so short and it sucks

Smidly responds:

And your sister is so short she can stand and suck my dick :D


It obviously takes time to use sprites to make a flash, and you did good, just alittle to fast for people to read. Honestly I'm sure this was a lot more time consuming than my first flash that you commented and said I failed. Honestly, but you can say I failed, because I did get an, A, but you cannot say I fail when I can make up my own drawings and draw them fairly well. Also come up with my own characters rather than having some sprites off another thing being done. You have no write to criticize the way you do.

Smidly responds:

Hey how about you don't write reviews just because you're angry that MY FRIEND (not even me) wrote a review about your shitty flash. Go suck a cock.


Are you kidding me?

Smidly responds:

Lol are you seriously going to rate all my stuff 0's because you have small genatalia?

really great

it needs more sound effects and the animation is great fix the sprites though really funny

Smidly responds:

ass fucker tit sh9it