Reviews for "DJ Newman Madness"

You need to slow the text down a bit. Too fast to read.

Smidly responds:

Yeah I caught on, I'll figure it out if I ever make another flash movie (see never)

i could barely read it
too fast next time make it slower sorry 2.5

Smidly responds:

Yess this is amazing

its good but to fat make a second its good

Smidly responds:

What the hell I have a weight problem you can't just judge my flash like that

wow great!

everybody knows that dogs cant talk but my dog just won million dollars ou jeah!

Smidly responds:

ou jeah!


really fast next time do it a little slow next time and please add feet IF you want to
but next time make it slower SO I COULD READ WHAT they are saying but
i just rated 5 for you know DROP INNNNNN!!!!!!!!Part also get some sprites right
here: sites.google.com/site/thecaptainwubbl es/madness

Smidly responds:

Thank you :]