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Reviews for "Madness Scene Creator 3"

needs zombie hands

just joking man, sweet game though.
the only thing i think is missing is the clowns rock on party hands.
other than that great game

F1Krazy responds:

The rocker pose? Yeah, I'll add that.

Very well made

Maybe a blood paintbrush? I don't think you really made enough bloodsplatters, we need more blood.
Heres a suggestion for an easier interface... you could have a scrollable box to subdevide weapons from heads and bodies. Then you could fit a lot more of them instead of them taking up so much room.
More rooms, more hats, just more stuff.
Maybe a color changer with R/B/G sliders?
Music on/off maybe 2-3 tracks.
I love the rotate feature, good job on that. Looking forward to MSC4

F1Krazy responds:

A blood paintbrush? Ok...maybe.


-you need to put a scroll feature like EDGEONER said
-need more rooms,blood splatters,weapons,anything you like to add
-soundtracks pliz!and you need to like turn off the music
-muzzle flashes
-and...ummmm....hmmmm...a I know a paintbrush feature!

F1Krazy responds:

I'll add those to MMSC4.

Prolly need to add

need to add depth. I noticed on some guns and the ! sign i couldn't put blod on it unless it was a wound, so add a depth tool like hold the up or down keys to change depth.

needs a option to shrink items