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Reviews for "Madness Scene Creator 3"

needs zombie hands

just joking man, sweet game though.
the only thing i think is missing is the clowns rock on party hands.
other than that great game

F1Krazy responds:

The rocker pose? Yeah, I'll add that.


-you need to put a scroll feature like EDGEONER said
-need more rooms,blood splatters,weapons,anything you like to add
-soundtracks pliz!and you need to like turn off the music
-muzzle flashes
-and...ummmm....hmmmm...a I know a paintbrush feature!

F1Krazy responds:

I'll add those to MMSC4.


I thought it was cool.

good game

well you asked for some suggestions. well i personally love using swords in my scenes, but i couldn't make it look like it was going through the character, so i'm constantly masking it with blood. how about for MSC4, you add something like half a sword that way the player can paste it on the model and make it look like the sword or knife is actually through the character. another thing is if you could possibly add something to save the scene that way we could come back to it later or share it with friends. but as a whole, it was a good game.


im want to rotate and no rotate =(!!!