Reviews for "Madness Scene Creator 3"

This game is awesome, and here's some suggestions!

I loved the game, very fun to make some awesome Madness scenes but there could have been a little more content, and here's some:

-Backgrounds. I'm pretty sure you're well aware of this, but I'm suggesting it any ways.
-Muzzle flashes to show wen the guns are firing.
-More clothing to customize your own characters.
-The ability to take and save snap shots, and if it were possible, to put them -together for a slide show to make it like a comic.

That's all I have for now but I'll message you if I get more ideas. Could have used a little more content but fun either way. 9/10.

F1Krazy responds:

I'll take those into account.


wered u get the sprite?did u use flash?can u send me the codes?very good job by the way

Really good work!

This is cool, I really enjoyed it to make a scene of madness!
but there is somethign missing... something like gunfire or bulletchases
and zombiehands would be cool...(maybe I didnt see them but I had to use the normal hands for the zombies as well!)
if you could add that the game would be perfect!

very good game

like the top says its great but while i was finishing up on a cool scene , it went to the loading page again and you need to include something to put items behind each other or else you cant do things like have a dagger or sword stuck in a guy but overall very very good

Where is Hank!!!!