Reviews for "Madness Scene Creator 3"


You can make a button in MMSC4 .... umm... Take scene :P good


The reset is a little annoying, but overall it is a good game :) 5/5 10/10

F1Krazy responds:

I know. The reset won't be there in MMSC4, I promise.

aweseme babe


F1Krazy responds:

Babe? I'm a dude.

But whatever. Thanks for the 10 ^^

Improvements list!

Game rules! Here are some new things u might want in #4;
1. More guns
2. A new terrain
3. Vehicles(tanks, cars, possibly a helicopter for a larger terrain)
4. Objects(Explossive barrels, wall, PC, etc.)
5. Different blood marks
6. Speech bubbles that you can type in
7. A different sound track
8. possibly bombs, grenades, time bomb, smoke grenade, etc.
9. cooler guns like rocket launcher or MP40 or even a railgun
10. more melee weapons
11. turrets

Hope this helped! I loved this one!

F1Krazy responds:

That's a lot of things, let's see...

1. Can do.
2. I'm trying, but it's not working.
3. Good idea...I can try...
4. I wanted to include objects in MSC3, but I wasn't sure about it. I'll try and include some. Mainly posters.
5. There are already different blood marks.
6. Madness doesn't have speech bubbles, although that is a good idea...
7. Again, I've tried, but it's not working.
8. Bombs, huh? Never thought about adding those. I'll see if I can find some.
9. Rocket launchers and railguns? Awesome. Again, I'll see if I can find some.
10. Not sure if there are any more to add.
11. Maybe...

Yes, you certainly helped. Thanks for all the suggestions and the 10/10. Hopefully you won't be waiting much longer for MSC4.

Epic Win

Yeah, my friend told me about this. He gave it a 7, and he's crazy. This game is awesoome, and having an amazing imagination, i can make some of the coolest scenes. I wouldnt hurt though t tweak it up a bit. Just a suggestion.

F1Krazy responds:

I'm getting recommended now! Whoo!

I'm aware the game needs a few tweaks. Madness Scene Creator 4 will have those tweaks and a whole lot more. Stay tuned.