Reviews for "Madness Scene Creator 3"

my fav

this is my favourite scene creator game out there.and i know where u can get jebus hank and tricky clown sprites...its on a certain madness tutorial, i have the sprites and i can give them to u...but all credits go to the dude who made the tut. anyways awesome job.

Madness scene creator

My suggestion is to make it like comic book style, with different panels and maybe some different possible rooms. Each panel would represent a step in the action, for the beggining to the end.


The only thing wrong with it is the Space you need to put a little more in.

Some Help For The Auto Quitting

Right click and press play once you have loaded the game and volla!
You should have infinite time of making a scene!

And this scene creator is very well made. Just a little bit of updates, and it could be a daily feature!!!

make a nother one. EPIC

this game is epic and if you do make a nother one add different backgrounds more bodies,heads,weapons,hats like the saviours halo,add whole charaters like hank and the saviour.
!!!!!!!!!!EPPICC!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHOO please reply
100/10 10/10=]]