Reviews for "Madness Scene Creator 3"

ns man

but can u like make the gun can rotate?

F1Krazy responds:

Yeah, you can make the guns rotate as well.


Perfect, details are top notch. and it's just fun! Good variety of items to use, but here are a few suggestions for the sequel game,

1. I don't care for the no Legs thing, but a better variety of bodies to choose from.

2. The broken head thing was awesome, and it would be better if you head that feature for all heads, not just the regular one.

3. Bigger guns, such as bazooka or RPG, hell ATGM would be hilarious! Bigger the gun, the more idiotic and fun it is to play.

4. More blood! Extra blood types, the selection you had was rather small.

5. Gun animation. Sparks flying from the guns would be awesome.

6. Explosives. C4, claymores, grenades, etc.

7. (only with explosives.) Impact animation for explosives, and multiple gun wounds that are bonded in animation, so no need to constantly drag one by one . BUT keep the small there.

That's just about it. Hope this is helpful to you, man. Great game.


awsome, but it would be sweet if you could have more backgrounds, and able to rotate them around

great job!!^^

this is grait!!!

i think this was grait, you should make another with more guns and people.


best madness scene creator ive seen so far. good job, cant wait for next one.