Reviews for "Madness Scene Creator 3"


Was this intended for just a dress up game or does flash artist use these for they're own madness animations?
I wish the clown looked scarier but good game

F1Krazy responds:

It's basically to create your own Madness scenes...but I guess you could create a stop-motion animation with this. That would be mega-super-awesome!

BLOOD!!!!!!! =P

i think you just need more backgrounds and bullets 10/10

Sweet man!

hey thats sweet but to make it sweeter new peeps and background then ur in there there!

F1Krazy responds:

Those will be added. Thanks for the 10.

nice game

fun but needs more blood but still good game away....make more hank firgures=]
and more clown/savior etc and add the flaming guy(i cant spell his name and i want to make this review perfect)


my favorite madness scene creator yet! i just wish there was a bit more space and more items. other than that, awesome.