Reviews for "Madness Scene Creator 3"


dude omg good frikn work!!! jeeze dude id never be able to do that!!! :P can you put more stuff in there like the doors closed or somthin like cut in half parts or somthin but ya freakin sweet keep up da good work!!!


i made a scene were the guy got his head shot of by his own friends and a radom zombie going to eat them all

Need Zombie Hands... lol

EXCELLENT game better than both others put together.

this is good but...

this is good but when the song ended it put me back at the proceed is that a bug or something because i had something very good and i was mad a bit but still good game


good man very good but thers 1 bug the silencd gun pointing to the left thrs only one plZ fix k

F1Krazy responds:

Is there? I've made a lot of bug fixes for MMSC4, I can't remember if that's one of them...lemme check...